Saturday, March 28, 2009

Arizona Day 12

Travis-FS Smith
Travis-FS Crail
Travis-FS Crail
Travis-Bonerless on the backside of the cap
Crail Block-(Photo-Travis)
Fun little bump things with transition on the other side...
Fun little quarters and a really tight little quarter
Pill Cap
Backside of the capsule, still included in the flow bowl
Giant flow bowl, the whole park is basicly a huge flow bowl, A gnar pool, and a little street section, helmets are required but it's still one of the funnest parks ive ever skated... opposite over vert pockets, shit was gnar
Goodyear Skatepark-12-foot pool with a 6-foot shallow...
Paradise! We left the pool and decided to come back the next day, besides we wanted to skate Goodyear, AZ's gnarliest park.
Finaly clean
Took like an hour...
Travis found a pipe in the mucky water...
The night before at Gobber's ramp we got some info on some backyard pools, this one was called the "Pizza Pool" because it was behind this pizza place, anyways we checked it out and the house was being sold so we went back found there was water and went to a wallgreens and got some trashcans and emptyed the bitch out. (Look at Travis's face)
Travis tail bonk at this door way spot we found

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