Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arizona Day 13

That explains it...
Oh boy... this must be a die hard fan

Weird fuckin spot...
Heres another unfortunate mutant who should be penciled in from a sudden visit from the angel of death...

Fucking awsome...
This thing was hard to skate, most of the concrete was shiped, the bottom had some gnar thing stickin out, but it was fun, we got our 20 minutes and left

Kyle at shit dropping in so he was over it
Gnar!Gnar rock
I didnt even think the shallow end was skateable and josh rock fakied it 1st try... kids tears shit up
Travis FS Smith that he didnt get to land because at this point was when the city fucks rolled up and kicked us out and called the cops for trespassing so we were out, it sucked because we were getting warmed up for the pool, so we went to the backyard pool, when we pulled up to the house there was a maintence truck outside so we waited and finaly he left...
Josh BS 50:50

Fun lil stair pocket, really shallowand kind mellow,the only one ive ever done backside, you could also launch off the bottom step and up to grind
Over Vert...

we got word of a grindline bowl that was being built while we were down there and we did get to skate it for a right before we left, it was fun but you couldnt get speed to the over vert pocket, it was added on to some shitty street course you could kind of see in the back

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  1. Sam, the only one who commentsApril 1, 2009 at 10:50 AM

    Do you guys even go to school anymore?