Thursday, March 26, 2009

Arizona Day 8

Scottsdale park, fun shit to end the day with
Nice fuckin socks
We were chillin in the parking lot and all of a sudden some crazy bald headed kook gets chased out of the park by a huge crowd and runs right by us and says "They don't want to fuck with me" and he had a fucking gun in his pants, what kind of idiot skates around with a gun in his pants, turns out he shot his board in to some little kids head...
Round 2
Travis with a gnar heelamunster
Big clover bowl
Bad ass over vert pocket with a love seat
X-Court, really fun and different park, but one of two parks in arizona that lets bikes in so it was biker infested, in fact we almost got our selves in a little scruffle
Travis hacked this up
Vanity Plates Suck
Rad swim spot, water was sooooo fucking cold, but it felt good when you havent had a shower in 6 days.
Travis found himself another lizard

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