Sunday, May 10, 2009

First session at the new pool ever.

James with a FS air over the hip...watching team pain skate this pool was like a demo they shred shit
Greasy BS 5050 over the stairs
Fucking biker kooks with there damn spandex...
Just joking PJ
I wish i shot this photo better, James with a invert in the deep end like nothing
Greasy FS 50

Kyle hung up really bad on this smith and got a b-cup titty on his chewed meat, and he still was shreding later
James slarshin'
Kyle-FS Smith
Mudgett ollie from deep to shallow
Greasy with a proper rock & roll...Greasy shreds so hard

Mudgett carving the stairsChaCho Frontside grinding the corner of the deep end on turtles janky ass board
Rip off of the blue haven pools tile with a Colorado flag in it
Saw cuts on the deck
Raddest deathbox ever thanks to Greasy

I got down there around nine and this city fucker was hassling me for hopping the fence and taking pictures and said i cant be there...i told him he will have a lot of people to kick out of here then even the people who built it and he got in his truck and drove off

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