Thursday, May 21, 2009

Uncle Marty-Gras

Dan on top...the wrestling matchs ruled but then the cops came and shut everything down for the night...good thing we got the main event in

Eric looking at the camera

The Main Event...In one corner we got meat wallet, and in the other we got tampon socketThe perfect warm up match for the main event

Leo and Gavin was my favorite. Leo body slammed Gavin twice
Marty sheds blood...

Sammy came out on top
Shit got heated...
Now Burfday boy and ol Pess Uno

Eric making the assist with a wedgie
Before this match me and the mudge got it on...then it was Chacho and JoshEmerson's the man
Ofcourse if Emersons involved there will be some gangin' up
The wrestling matches began with River and Emerson

Wittman with a boneless
Sammy Pivot on the rock, and that is his rock he fucking kills it

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