Sunday, May 3, 2009

Went to good ol' cheyenne to skate the park and some street

Skelly slarshin
Tucker blastin'
Some shit sean and rich put together
Then Rich got his world war 2 shovel and decided to dig a hole to make a pole jam out of the rails,the cops rolled by right when he started digging and they didnt see him
Skelly Ollie north
Skelldog is always up to somethin

Pole jam anyone

Tucker fell in the kidney bowl to flat earlier and got a gnar swelbo then he ate shit at the bank and fell on it again giving him the ol cheez grater
Still workin...
The result...

Then 2 cops rolled up and they didnt even do anything but take Gj's name and drove off to talk to each other till our session was over...
Mike FS shove
Moodge nose blunt to dump truck in
GJ sweeper

After a while of people trying it the thing bent and turned to this

Only in Cheyenne...Derek pole jam 5050

The run way down to the spot
Crazy cookie cutter spot... looked fun but it was wet
We rode in the back of gj's pick up...yeee haw
Mudgett at the last spot of the day

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