Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1031 Demo...

People in our town love harbour
Xavier wallride

Harbour Boneless to nose blunt

Raybourn FS air
Raybourn 50 grabber
Svitak FS tailslide
Raybourn BS Boneless
Raybourn Pivot fakie

Raybourn BS Lein tail
Svitak FS 360
Harbour Noseblunt
Monico 360 kickflip
Raybourn over the hip

Raybourn 50 off to china bank

Yee on the mega phone

Raybourn I Dont know what this trick is called
Harbour Fakie Nose Pick
Raybourn Boardslide fakie
Raybourn feeble fakie
Raybourn FS 5050
Raybourn Smith

This photo turned out shity, raybourn boneless off bank into 4 bowl
Raybourn BS boneless
Raybourn BS grab
Raybourn BS 360 nosegrab

Donovan Rice FS 50 thing
Black finger nails early grab
Donovan Rice Backside Nose Picker
Raybourn Invert
Product toss
Jakobi's lovin it

Jakobi is the funniest fucker ever
Kyle gettin some

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