Friday, June 5, 2009

Went on a skate/camp/drinking trip up tp Kremmling with Uncle Marty, Uncle Chuck and Mudge

First stop was good ol edwards and it turns out Grindline was there adding a new flo bowl with a 16 foot cradle...Gnar Gnar
This thing looked huge

I remember seeing a picture of Chad doing this a while back
Fun ass 12 foot bowl, waterfall sucks though

Uncle marty hittin some tiles in the 12 foot

Mudge bs 5050

Mudge back smith

Mudge back d

Moodge roll in

Pess BS 5050 off to bank

Right when we were leaving the concrete pulled up for the top of the cradle...cant wait to skate this shit

Silverthrorne was closed because they were re-pouring the coping

Master-bait and tackle...hahaha had to turn around for that one

No golf!
Rad clam shell

Fucking rain, we got skate the shallow end for a bit though

Fucking found the pool block smashed to shit in the rocks, they take awsome care of the park up there

Funnest shit ever

The weight room...

Sick T shirt

Uncle Marty was atleast 8 beers in when he started is staff, he don't give a fuck, they cracked open beers at 9 45 in the mornin

These fucking dogs wouldnt get out of the way of the vehicle
Ultra Mega Cress Spot...i heard cress atleast once a minute
Mudgett and cross bones...
A recipe for disaster...

Rad ass spot
Uncle Marty wasnt fucking around

Mudgett had a wizard wand
The assist
Thats when you know your staff is giant


After pess fell in the river, he was pretty bumbed

Breakfast of champions at 8 30 in the mornin
Fucking hippy looks like sammy baca
Uncle Marty's Nest

Sams goes off the picture by eight, the goblins were staying away from us
Kremmling people were hyped on us
We gots a tail on the suburu

Uncle marty stair carve

Uncle chuck stair carve
Mudgett ollie over door on the gnar side
Mudge BS 5050 over door
Number 1

"Beer and Skateboarding is my champagne and caviar" -Uncle Marty

Uncle Marty sure can ollie

Baby Powder Pess!

Pess just got done itchin his ass right in front of these teenage girls and they were terrified
Had to stop here
What the fuck was grindline thinking?

Mudgett ollie over roll in

Uncle Marty bein a good uncle and fixin a young fellows bicycle

Morris Tweaker gap

BBQ at the Winter Park skatepark
Ofcourse Pess was beat

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