Monday, June 15, 2009

Went on a weekend skate trip...

The car was really packed, 4 fucks and 1 turtle = a stinky ass car

First park was winter park, Turtle ollie to smith
Mike layback fs rock
Mike rock fakie
Turts Crail
Turts early grabber
Turts fs smith
Turtle layback tail

Turts early grabber over the hip
Next we skated Granby for a while

Mudgett didint land this one but this just shows how giant this is
Took him 20 minutes of bailing then he landed it
Fun little spot by Granby park
Next we headed to Kremmling...Turts slashin the door, he also 50 reverted it first try out of the car, then he early grabbed it, smithed it, and threw down a boneless over it...kid tears shit harder then anyone his age
Early grab
Gnar slash in the clam
New campsite in Kremmling, so much room
Mike cookin
T-Rent off cuttin wood

Turts passed out after spilling 9 beers

Waldo over here thought he could survive outside with his bob the builder sleeping bag and he made it about 40 seconds
Can u find turts truck?
Mike Slarshin through the stair pocket
Nice street section huh?
Poser of the month
We made our way to Silverthorne next, the new coping stuck out just as much
But they threw this little thing together...
Mudgett crail

We headed to edwards and got lucky to skate the new pool

Funniest shit ever, these 16 year old girls, who looked 12, told mudgett jess was a hot name and he gave them his number and they wanted to go see a movie and fuck...Fucking Vail sluts

We met up with Andy and John Bais at edwards, heres John in the cradle
Turts layback tail in the giant deep end
Mudgett gettin up there but he was too nervous in front of his girls

Mudge 5050 small end to deep

Mike flying through
We went to Carbondale next and set up camp and skated a little, Turts slash in the biggest over vert pocket ever
Mudge found a rad gap

The other gnarliest pocket there and turts is smithing it

Mudge on the backside of capsule
Mudge in capsule

Mike switch up the cap
We woke up and drove to snowmass, the only dreamland park in colorado and it was really fun
Peanut bowl with trannied stair pocket
Pole jam anyone?
Fun little street course
Weirdest wall ever

John shredded the big bowl, grabber over the hip
John air over the hip
Trent was the first to carve the stairs
Turtle Lein Tail in clam

Turtle FS Smith
Turtle FS smith
Turtle FS 5050 over stairs
Turts slarshin
Turtle lein tail
Mudgett ollie off top of bank to the pad
Making a sandwich on his skateboard after steppin in cow shit all night...dont give a fuck

Turts 50 pull in
Thanks for the photo trent
Mudge is crazy
Trent wallride
Mike switch wallride to regular
Nice farmers tan
T-rent feeble on the big wall

We went back to Carbondale and noticed this wasnt there the first day, and yes it says sesh 2009, we must have just missed them

mike in the cap

So fucking gnarly...

Found a sesh sticker in carbondale and edwards, covered them with shop stickers and crossed them out, then on our way home we ran into Ryan Jackson twice on I 70 and I 25, and when he noticed the shop sticker on the back of mudgetts car he raced past us
It's hard being as cress as Mudgett
Camera died after carbondale but we went to glenwood springs and edwards for a bit after fucking trip

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