Monday, June 1, 2009

Went to Brighton, Commerce City, and Longmont

Another proper boneless from the 16 year old dirt bag

One foot crail

Turtle can boneless?
A rad balls spot kinda by the park, it's like 50 yards of wallrides

Tucker krooks
Mudge ollie over rail to bank

Tucker ollie over rail

This guy looked like he was 20 years old
Another kid on a leash gem

Turtle early grabber
Turtle FS Smith over deathbox

Some rad spot in commerce city
Tucker ollie

Mudgett ollie

Turtle crail 50 on over vert

Tucker attacking the over vert
Tucker-BS Smith over deathbox

Some brighton hicks who camped in the parking lot the whole time drinking bud light and talking about moving the skatepark to there house so they could have a bbq and feed some of the skinny kids...fucking weirdos
Mudgett-BS 5050 over deathbox
Turtle Deathbox slasher
Back Smif
Tucker Slasher

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