Saturday, September 19, 2009

The day we almost died twice, saw a bear, almost witnessed a street brawl, went to the sickest hot springs spot, and skated too.

I guess this was once Marshall's wheel
First stop was Silverthorne, Mike found a brick of wax
Kyle going over the hip
We ran into Tanner up there because he was working up there

Skelly was hating his shoes so he drove to Zum Zums to see if there was anything on sale, he should have bought the lime green skytops that were 120 $.
Fucking white pants
We got to Edwards and we were all shaken up because we almost got killed on the highway, it took a bit to warm up but we got over it and had a fun time. Mike sat in gum right away though
Some kook on a giant motorized skateboard
Kyle ate shit on this one
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith
Some church crap, they were trying to get us to play skate to win a long board but fuck that.
Our stickers have been chillin for over a year now
Skelly boardslide
This guy was riding a scooter
Pat Heelflip

Skelly saved our life that day...Thanks again buddy
We all had a blast at Snowmass, We pretty much skated the pool the whole time, and had a roll in Party
Skelly Roll In
Pat Rock N Roll
Some huge ass Moth
Tried to get a pic of the bear we saw in Snowmass lurking around the mall
Man i miss the turtle...

Skelly knew of the sickest Hot Springs in Glenwood, it ended the day really well

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