Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Portland Day 8

Mudgett woke up and wanted to go Ollie this gap by his house. Thread the needle through the car made it much gnarrlier too
Our plan for the day was to skate around the city and check it out, Cal Skate was a really sick shop that has been there since 1976

They had rows of Powell, Zorlac, Santa Cruz, Creature, Skum, and Deluxe. Shop was legit.
All over...

We skated over the Burnside Bridge to Burnside because we werent really finding much street in the area
Josh Frontide 50
Tucker Back Smith
Mudgett Front D
Josh One Footed Tail Block
Mudge Back D
Tucker Back Smith
Mudgett Bean Plant
Mudgett boost
Mudgett Transfer
Mudgett Kickflip Fakie
After Mudgett's Burnside Gnarness we went to Battleground and had one of the funnest sessions of the trip, ate some fucking Burgerville and i didnt take any photos...

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