Saturday, January 16, 2010

AZ Graff.

Even though we didnt explore much of the inner city where the real graff scene exists there was still plenty on the outskirts and along the highways.

The Pits a.k.a. the holes
hyped on the banksy rat stencil redone by thot

Lots of montana paint in AZ

Sorry if these photos are hard to see. most were taken
riding in the car.

Radiator repair store got covored

EMT was everywhere

this wall was about 300 feet long and covered in art, to bad there
was a train in the way and this was the only picture i could get.

zeke throwie off highway

This picture doesnt give a good perspective of how huge this was.
That wall was huge even a bit messy i was hyped on
the amount of fire extinguishers were put to use in Az. odds and dums (RK) getting up right along the
101 loop in AZ.

Snooz and Simos were everywere in the middle of some
indian reservation between new mexico and arizona.
i only got a few pictures of their work.

snoos and simos

syco throw

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