Friday, January 15, 2010

.Trip South 2010.

3,000 miles in a car and 16 skateparks later.....

park list.... just click it to see photos

Alamosa, NM (photos below too!)
El Mirage, AZ.... Arizona's newest park, its a good time.
Peoria, AZ... Thunderbird
Scottsdale, AZ... THE WEDGE...The first Park.... its a rad little place and has historic skate spots all around it.
Glendale, AZ.... X-Court... Schuyler almost fought a biker here last year... it was rad.
Paradise Valley, AZ.... This park requires a membership card to enter due to excessive stabbings and police beatings.

Heres the only map of Phoenix and the surrounding areas we had..... did the trick.
The marks on it represent something or other.

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