Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fuck Idaho...Pendelton, Irrigon, and Hood River Day3

This blood clot came out of my nose in the middle of the night and i found dryed up in the grass the next morning, fucking gross

The first stop after 4 hours of Driving was Pendelton Oregon, a really sick Dreamland park

Rad Flow bowl
Tuckers Back Smiths got better at every park

This thing was really fast
Kyle krooks
Kyle pole jam indy

Josh nose bonk jam
The tree farms before Irrigon
Irrigon was the next stop, and it had a ton of flaws but was still a pretty fun park, and i can't believe Grant Taylor Backside tailed over this

Kid bugging kyle
I think all grindline workers are on crack...
All river rock

Josh over the door inside the cradle
So gnarly...
Josh one footed tail block
How did you pull this one off tucker?
Kyle 50
Josh tailslide
Josh ollie
Kyle 5050
Your trucks turn orange after skating the bricks
Tucker BS Smith
Kyle 50

Tuckers swass

Tucker back d

Josh footplant to tail

This kid sucked...
Josh flying up to the backside of the capsule

We were going to go straight to Portland because we were so damn beat, but we were going through Hood River so we thought we would check out the park, it was a old park then Dreamland did several phases on including the funnest mini bowl ever, door ways, covered sections, and bridges going into snake runs. We ended up staying till dark because it's probably one of the sickest parks i have put four wheels on...

This Micky Mouse Bowl was pretty bad though
The view from the mickey mouse bowl, thats the mini bowl

The corner pocket had welds every inch so it made the sickest noise ever...
Gap over the creek
leading to that

On the way to Portland...

This gives you an idea on how fun the lines are at hood river

This is the Irrigon hometown hero...

Josh line in Irrigon

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