Friday, August 21, 2009

Kuna, Boise, and Caldwell Day 2

We woke up early that morning and went to the Kuna park, this was the funnest park in Idaho, a downhill snake run, it was like a pinball machine, shit was fun

Trucks and bearings were concreted into the park
Josh Melon

Kyle could have went over a person
Josh Melon

We went to the meridian park and this mini ramp was the only thing we skated

Stupid shit

This local gave us directions to a new park in Caldwell that was all pre fab and really weird, the bowl looked just like our pool with a ton more flat bottom, and the rest of the park flowed terribly.

Tucker BS Smith
Tucker krooks
Went to the local Boise shop and it was really rad

One of the Prestige Shop decks
This park fucking sucked

Wasnt to bad...

We went to a park under a bridge that was just a tone of flatbars and metal shit but they had the funnest brick banks ever
Kyle Tailslide

Fucking crack head...
Tucker Nose Blunt

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