Saturday, August 29, 2009

Portland...Day 4

The first thing we wanted to check out was Burnside, and it was raining, but it was wild walking up to this place after seeing it in every video, and seeing the piled out locals from why wouldnt you wasted in the parking lot bleeding from his head

Josh Tail Block on Punk Wall
I think tucker blew 150 bucks at the upper playground store...

This shop was rad, they sold pool block and records

Shrunken Head Creature Collab

Mudgett thought it was a good idea to throw a hardboiled egg on the back off kyles car and it ended up exploding into this guys back seat

Mudgett 50 off to disaster

Mudge back d
Josh 5-0

Sick pool, and i cant belive grant taylor ollied from that ollied from that roller the kids are sitting on to the big quarter pipe, so sick

Way to mellow

We tryed going to battleground but got rained out so mudgett took us on a crazy journey through portland to pier park
Mudgett destroyed this deep end

These ledges were the reason pier park got built, and there fucking fun

Beer got knocked off the porch
We offered mudgett steaks but he likes cereal with bread for every meal, he goes through a box of cereal a day becuase he cant cook, good work mudgett
Tucker fucked these steaks up....
What the Fuck?
Tuckers Money Shot

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