Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Portland Day 5

We woke up kinda early that morning and went to Battleground Washington to a really sick Dreamland park, this park was crowded as shit, Ellissa Steammer, John Rattray, Sheldon Melshinski, and a few other Zero rippers were there, and this pool was so fucking fun.
This flowbowl was pretty hard to keep speed in because of the large flatbottoms
It was very hard to get to this thing because you have to go through the street course full of bikes, scooters, and rollerbladers, then you dont know where the random stair sets are and you hit those, so i gave up on skating this thing

Mudgett gettin some in the capsule
Mudge way up there
Battleground familys sucked
Kyle ollie over love seat
Kyles fucking disgusting fingernail ready to tear off...
There was tons of these and scooters in Battleground, and tons of parents who didn't care if there kids get taken out
Kyle sleeping before going to the raddest ramp

Mudge got us into the raddest warehouse ramp, Donovan the guy that owned it had shit to do and just let us skate and lock up when we were done, fucking rad, The ramp is all pool block, it has wood, concrete, rollers, wallrides, and it was quick as shit.
Wallride with painted on stairs

That pool block stuck out about a half foot...

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