Monday, September 7, 2009

Portland Day 6

We woke up early again and went to burnside before it got packed and had a really fun session
Kyle with a flawless indy, every fucking try
Josh disaster on the punk wall, i could barely get half way up that fucking thing
Josh crail on something thats older than him
Josh melon
Mudgett back 50 on the crustiest wall at burnside
Kyle inches away from hitting his head

Ya the fucking timing was so shitty, we drove around Portland for an hour looking for a gas station, then we hit the highway for hood river, when we got off the exit for hood river traffic was moving, the ipod fell from the dash, kyle looked down to pick it up then the next thing you know we were in the back of some least mudgett was right down the street at the park and we get the fuck back to Portland. Good thing this shit didnt happen down the coast i guess...
Looks like were not going to lincoln city or coos bay...

Some fool tried selling tucker and josh some k-mart blue light special cologne after we just got in a fucking car crash
All of our shit piles in mudgetts garage
Our new way of transportation
Bombing a hill back to mudges house

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