Monday, September 7, 2009

Portland Day 7

We got Mudgett to take us to Tigard because hed lived out there for a month and still never skated it. This park was super smooth and so much fun
Gnar square pocket
Gravette is crazy...

Really tight and fast

This is in the flow bowl and was super fun

Mudgett sucks at this trick
Mudgett Fronside Ollie
Mudgett Lien Tail
Mudgett 50
Kyle Indy

Kyle backside flipped up the step up and was hauling so much ass he ran into the fence and got this
I bet PJ's hyped were using his zine...
Mudgett's lunch: a quesadilla dipped in his cereal, what a fucking idiot...
I was suprised he knew how to make a quesadilla
Mudgett switch rock on a rock after changing his clothes for the 8th time
Fuck Busch Light

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